Rustic Barn Campground & RV Park

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Rustic Barn Campground & RV Park
3854 Dry Hollow Rd, Cuba City, WI 53807, USA
Sold Listed at only $1,699,900 - Campground in Wisconsin, Destination Park, Family Friendly, Near Popular Destination
11.21 acres 2 Luxury Cabins 1 Owner Home 1 Storage Buildings

This is a great destination park with a sort of style all it’s own.   This is a very well run park that is located in the Southern part if WI near Dubuque, IA.    There are several “party” style parks in the area and this park sets itself apart as the place to take the kids and/or just relax in a quiet friendly park.    Also includes two Rustic Luxury Cabins!   Look at what they say on their own site:

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy the true beauty of the Midwestern region? Then you’re in for a treat when you stay at the Rustic Barn Campground & RV Park. We offer a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere with unparalleled customer service to provide a memorable camping trip for you and your family. There are endless activities and attractions to enjoy when you’re a part of our campground experience in Kieler, WI. That’s because we’re conveniently located in the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, just a few miles from the beautiful bluffs of the mighty Mississippi.

Call John at 507-450-5626 to get you started!

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  • Rustic Barn Campground & RV Park
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