February 18, 2022

John sold two of our Wisconsin campground properties within a 60-day period, one to a “mom and pop” buyer and the other to a large private equity investor group. John knows buyers of every description, and he knows which properties will appeal to each type of buyer. He certainly brought the perfect buyers to our two properties, and he did it quickly.

John understands campground financials as well as anyone, and he routinely shows sellers and buyers practical and powerful ways to maximize the value of their property. He has effectively introduced several lenders to the campground industry and helped them come to appreciate the value of that business. Those lenders now aggressively pursue campground business and are especially receptive to deals brought by John. John even guided our smaller buyer through the challenges of an SBA-financed package.

As a result of the skill sets he has honed over his many years of experience, John sells an astounding number of campgrounds – dozens over the past few years! This is what he does, he does it better than anyone else, and he is a pleasure to work with. Next time we decide to sell a campground property, John will be the only one we contact.

~Steve Launspach

“We’re so grateful we found John to work with us through the campground buying process! As first time owners, he helped us understand how to look at the campground’s financials and provided scenarios for us to consider as to what the numbers could look like once we put our own spin on things. He was responsive and helped us work with the sellers, bank, and attorneys to close the deal in record time. When the deal would hit a rough spot, he was there with advice and experience to help smooth things over. We have already recommended him to friends and truly think he’s the professional you want on your team if you’re looking for a campground. Thanks again John!”

~Kara & Rob Traxler, Dell Pines Campground