Sell Your Campground

Please contact us if you are looking to sell your Campground, RV Park, and Resort. For further information, fill-out our contact form, or call us today, at 507-450-5626.

Selling: Free market evaluation at convention. Value based on fact not fiction. I will get you all you deserve from your Park by showing you income items that triple your values!!!! Bring your last year’s schedule C, Tax Return and any info you have and in 30 minutes I can show you what to do next to increase the value of your most precious asset! Campgrounds4Sale – where results matter!

NOT Selling? – Campgrounds4Sale can help you develop a great business plan to show the proper growth you will need to refinance or add working capital for the next phase of development. Again all we need is 30 minutes of time to input numbers off your taxes and then 10 minutes to speak with you.

Maybe Selling? (sometime in the future): This is the best time to set into motion a 2-3 year plan to improve the P&L, including any cash payments that need to hit the books, action plans to increase sales and decrease expenses. Building a plan to improve the Net Operating Income is key to best possible sales value. Ask us how!

Selling a Campground Process

When selling a campground, RV park, or resort, start with the following “PRE-LISTING” information:

What is my campground worth?

There are several ways that we can arrive at the value of your campground or RV park. Each of these terms listed below will factor into our valuation matrix.

  • NOI (Net Operating Income)
  • ROI (Return On Investment)
  • EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization)

Once we have these factored into our valuation matrix, it is important to ask ourselves what we can do to increase the value of our campground. While there are many ways we can add value, the three most important strategies to keep in mind include:

  • Get more income “on the books”
  • Add cabins and other money making assets – I can show you how to do this with NO MONEY DOWN!
  • Pull out personal expenses that run through the business

While factoring the value of your campground, RV park, or resort decide what Deferred Maintenance is needed. Another important aspect to keep in mind is documenting what Sellers Discretionary Earnings (SDE’s) you have used to increase the parks value that is truly a one-time expense. These can be pulled out of the expense category too!

List the Property

As an experienced campground real estate agent, there are many ways I can help sell your campground. With each campground and RV park, I schedule a site visit with the owner to discover any material facts that should be disclosed. During our visit, I will tour the facilities to gain a good understanding of the business processes. Visiting the property allows me to better understand the campground and highlight the positive features of the property for marketing which I can disclose to prospective buyers.

After I have created a listing and marketing strategy, I will go over the listing contract with the sellers to make sure they understand all aspects of the listing. Once everyone is caught up on the same page, I will get the campground listing on our many websites and social media platforms for maximum exposure!

Sell the property!

My number one concern is to bring you a QUALIFIED buyer! When searching for the right buyer to your campground, I ensure they agree to the many terms including timing, prorated monies, consultation, and more. Once the purchase has been finalized I will be here to give you a check. The only thing left after that is ride off into the next adventure!