How Much Money Do I “NEED” to Buy A Campground?

As much as possible! The biggest mistake new owners make is not having enough liquid cash for emergency needs or needed repairs or expansion.

The key to a successful purchase is to expect the unexpected. Something will break – some glaring hole in service will be discovered that you will want to fix quickly. Having cash on hand for these things can make the first year more successful.


25% – 30% down is required by most banks. HOWEVER, this is not always the hard and fast rule. With great credit and other assets, many times I can get you financed with 15% down, sometimes less – depending on:

  • Seller Financing Help
  • Other Assets that can be collateralized
  • 401-K (ROBS program can sometime be used to get 401-k money to be used to start up a new business).
  • Appraisal of the property
  • Strength of the Business Plan (which I can help you develop)