We make selling a campground a successful experience!

Our years of experience will help sell your property

Selling A Campground

Please contact us if you are looking to sell your Campground, RV Park, and Resort. For further information, fill-out our contact form, or call us today, at 507-450-5626.

Selling: Free market evaluation at convention. Value based on fact not fiction. I will get you all you deserve from your Park by showing you income items that triple your values!!!! Bring your last year’s schedule C, Tax Return and any info you have and in 30 minutes I can show you what to do next to increase the value of your most precious asset! Properties Plus – where results matter!

NOT Selling? – Properties Plus can help you develop a great business plan to show the proper growth you will need to refinance or add working capital for the next phase of development. Again all we need is 30 minutes of time to input numbers off your taxes and then 10 minutes to speak with you.

Maybe Selling? (sometime in the future): This is the best time to set into motion a 2-3 year plan to improve the P&L, including any cash payments that need to hit the books, action plans to increase sales and decrease expenses. Building a plan to improve the Net Operating Income is key to best possible sales value. Ask us how!